Welcome to the Mn/DOT Geodetic Monument Viewer

This web site provides statewide coverage of geodetic monument information. It contains information on permanent geodetic control marks located in Minnesota or just outside its boundaries. Permanent geodetic control marks are established for the purpose of providing precise horizontal and vertical control positions for the registration of surveying and mapping activities in the local area. Each geodetic monument is linked to the corresponding data sheet and many have corresponding photos. It is possible to view, save, and print maps through this on-line application.

This geodetic monument information is shown in relation to Mn/DOT's Interactive Basemap. The BaseMap is a planning level set of data developed at a scale of 1:24000. The data set includes information about transportation features (roads, railroads, runways and navigable waters), as well as boundary information (State, County, and Municipal Boundaries, Mn/DOT District Boundaries, Civil, and Congressional Townships, State Forests and Parks, Military Reservations, Indian Reservation Lands, National Forests and Parks), and stream and lake locations.

It is possible to access detailed Map Sheet descriptions of each monument. These are in PDF format and can be opened by using the hyperlink tool on a specific geodetic feature. Some of these PDF's contain links to photos of the monuments as well. This site also includes links to extensive data descriptions (metadata) to support our users. All of these resources are provided free of charge and accordingly, are not warranted for any specific use. We do, however, strive to produce accurate data and would appreciate any comments that you may have. We hope that you find the site useful!

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